Simeon's Song

by St.Simeon & the Stylites

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Cave Canem 05:15
Tannoy Cry 05:33
And they heard the tent-poles clatter, And the fly in twain was torn – 'Tis the soiled rag of a tatter The tent where I was born. What matters it, I wonder? Brick or stone or calico? – Or a bush you were born under, When it happened long ago? And my beds were camp beds and tramp beds and damp beds, And my beds were dry beds on drought-stricken ground, Hard beds and soft beds, and wide beds and narrow – For my beds were strange beds the wide world round. And the old hag seemed to ponder ('Twas my mother told me so), And she said that I would wander Where but few would think to go. "He will fly the haunts of tailors, He will cross the ocean wide, For his fathers, they were sailors All on his good father's side." Behind me, before me, Oh! my roads are stormy The thunder of skies and the sea's sullen sound, The coaster or liner, the English or foreign, The state-room or steerage the wide world round. And the old hag she seemed troubled As she bent above the bed, "He will dream things and he'll see things To come true when he is dead. He will see things all too plainly, And his fellows will deride, For his mothers they were gipsies All on his good mother's side." And my dreams are strange dreams, are day dreams, are grey dreams, And my dreams are wild dreams, and old dreams and new; They haunt me and daunt me with fears of the morrow – My brothers they doubt me – but my dreams come true. I have stood by Table Mountain On the Lion at Capetown, And I watched the sunset fading From the roads that I marked down, And I looked out with my brothers From the heights behind Bombay, Gazing north and west and eastward, Over roads I'll tread some day. For my ways are strange ways and new ways and old ways, And deep ways and steep ways and high ways and low; I'm at home and at ease on a track that I know not, And restless and lost on a road that I know.


St.Simeon & the Stylites are: Roger O'Shea, Dan Crowe, Eoghan Hough and Ben Simmons. We formed in the North Donegal and have subsequently bounced around Ireland and the Uk for the last 4 years playing pubs and small festivals. In 2016 we ran a fundraiser for this album and now it’s finally ready. Here’s a wee summary of the tracks and a few interesting facts.

Simeon’s Song
-The guitar solos on this are improvised
- We used to play this as a medley where it segwayed into a version of Edwyn Collins’ Girl Like You
- There’s an early version on youtube with a loony home made video that we are quite proud off. It features our original Drummer Marc Grady (aka Alypius Stylite)

Fire & Forget
- We have plans to do a vocal version in collaboration with another band ..
- A good portion of the percussion on this is played on one of those naff little ceramic drums people bring back from Morocco. It's a Bolero
- The bass is played on a ‘dead on ‘67’ Danelectro Baritone tuned A - A

Cave Canem (Bye Bye Sue)
- Built on a Beguine rhythm
- The harp sound in the verse is a made by threading a piece of cardboard through guitar strings at the bridge
- There's an early and live version on youtube

Tannoy Cry
- One of our regular collaborators Oli Steggles plays the tasty whammy-bar infused riff in the chorus
- That is Roger doing the Mongolian throat singing in the bridge and outro
- An early version was remixed by one of those DJ men they have now. It won a competition and we got to go to a redcarpet thing and met La Roux. True Story.

An Intentional Stance
- Our very first song when were a rural donegal three piece intent on jazz bothering Tom Waits vibes
- Vocals were recorded in a car in a field in Cambridgeshire. You can hear the sumptuous leather seats squeaking at 2.58
- It’s got Bouzouki in it

Aonair Abhaile
- Old tune that was supposed to the prototype song for a new genre called Goblin- trad (trad for Goblins) We NEED to revisit this.
- There’s a live recording on youtube from way back in 2013 when it was called Apathy Groove
- Lesson learned - More Bodhran required in future projects

The Wolf Fear
- The Morse code at the start is not a sample .. its played on a shitheap 1970’s Tiesco
- There is a terrible early version of this online. We hope you don’t find it
- Lyrics written by an angry teenaged Roger after he read The Outsider by Colin Wilson... Go figure

The Wanderlight
- Lyrics by an Australian poet called Henry Lawson. Shout out to the cambridge troubadour Banjo Nick for introducing us (check him on youtube
- We made the Bouzouki sound like an Oud (or something you’d pull out of a tree in the congo) with our old cardboard-through-strings trick
- This is a new song and we haven’t actually played it live yet

Big thanks to family, friends and strangers who've helped and supported us - Especially those who prepurchased this release via and have collaborated with us over the years.


released December 7, 2018

All songs written by Roger O’Shea and arranged by St.Simeon and the Stylites. All rights reserved. Tracks 1- 10 recorded at Victory Mansion Studios. ℗ 2017 except track 11 ℗ 2016 recorded at Media
Fortress (2016).

Art work and design by Roger O’Shea. Manufactured in Ireland


all rights reserved



St.Simeon & the Stylites

We -- St. Simeon and the Stylites -- are a band.
We make noises with stringed and thumpable instruments. Variously and on different occasions these have included; Guitar, Bouzouki, Upright bass, Drums (various), Keys (organ,piano etc.) and on the odd occasion a duo of fiddles ... more

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